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African Head Charge - Off The Beaten Track (Reissue) LP


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One of the most innovative formations of dubwise experimentalism reares it's head once more, over 30 years on -

Adrian Sherwood has madea very firm mark on the continuum of Jamaican soundsystem culture and English electronic music ever since he started twisting and turning the rules and expectations of dubwise production on it's head in inimitable style back on the 80's, and perhaps one of our favourite products of this On.U sound era has to be the African Head Charge project, headed up by Bonjo Iyabinghi Noah, who provides exeptional percussion throughout.

We'd be lying if we said we were old enough to really witness musical movements the 80's, such an extraordinary time in which music took off into the seemingly endless possibilities that the innovation of electronic devices such as the Sampler brought with them, but one thing we can safely say - is that the forward-thinking mentality and rebellious attitude still resonates with us all, even some 30years after this record was released.... And that is a real testament to the strength of these creations of their time.

Steve Barker, the long-standing Radio DJ (over 30 years of his BBC show - 'On The Wire') and expert in the On:U area, has far more accountable views on this record, which we have included below, for your information:

"When African Head Charge released their fourth album "Off The Beaten Track" in 1986, it was a newly remade ensemble. Lead by percussionist Bonjo Iyabinghi Noah, the band included live drums, melodica, keyboards and bass backed by samples and tape loops. In 1986, the sampler was a new toy; the use of it here is so fresh and progressive that the resulting album still sounds modern and innovative today. When it was released, it sounded like nothing else around at the time – the combination of fat beats, dub, psychedelia and ethnic chants was to provide the template which many lesser lights attempted to emulate over the ensuing years. "Off The Beaten Track" is both a seminal recording in the use of sound-bite technology and an excellent example of the integration of live instrumentation and programmed music. 'Not only is it a departure for On-U Sound, but a landmark album for what was to become the whole new ethno-beat strand within the commercial category of what we now know as ‘world music’.' - Steve Barker (On The Wire, BBC). Produced by Adrian Sherwood and featuring Bonjo Iyabingho Noah, Eskimo, A.V.Scott, Skip McDonald, Dr. Pablo, and Jah Wobble. Originally released as ON-U LP40 in 1986. This edition features previously unreleased bonus track "Good Things"."

It was always an excellent crate diggers choice, but now with this recent reissue - this is officially a certified piece of UK history in the field of dub extraordinaire...

Served in a printed reverse board sleeve, and printed inner sleeve containing extra artwork and information.

1. Off The Beaten Track
2. Some Bizarre
3. Belinda
4. Language & Mentality
5. Throw It Away
6. Conspiring
7. Release The Doctor
8. Down Under Again
9. Over The Sky

Off The Beaten track

Some Bizarre

Release The Doctor

Over The Sky