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Air Max 97 - Psyllium/Eat The Rich


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Fresh out on Timedance, NZ's Air Max 97 (we're not talking vintage sneakers, but we're talking futuristic steppers here) steps with two floor pounders in hi-tek style -

Topside Psyllium, lets cinematic OTT production and a chugging trance bassline spin off into a deadly club weapon that's sure to make the place vibrate, loaded with heaps of sub, enough to make chest, breast and brains rattle.
Coming more triplety and trippy perhaps, but there's also a touch of early Headhunter in here for our old dubstep-tuned Bristol ears.

Flipside, and a hell of a lot more funky - this one's our pick, even if the A side will probably suit others more - we got 'Eat The Rich' which lets snappy drum edits and ice cold UKF styles warp across hi-frequency drones and percussion, this one's got a deadly rhythm to it, which feels like it's playing catch up with itself in a proper stealthy way. Proper wind-waister, make sure your shoes are tied when you face this one in the dance.

One track cut to each side of the disc, cut by Beau Thomas and committed to wax, this one is sure to sound loud and proud if you drop the needle and let it spin - this one's real good, clean fun!


Eat The Rich