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Aisha Devi - Hakken Dub / Throat Dub

Danse Noire

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Boundary exploring 'floor music on Danse Noir -

Returning to the label, shedding the Kate Wax moniker, Devi strikes again under her own name.
Moody, meditiational, yet strikingly powerful tracks that sound uncompromising in effect, whilst retaining a deeper beauty and a keen ear for frequency.

First off, a depth-charge that comes off like a homage to an illegal rave scenario, drug-induced and relentless kick drums that remind of a more 3d version of 'Pilldrivers - Pitch Hike' kick-drum explorations... Hard, obnoxious but very inviting and gut-wrenchingly likeable all the same.
Like an inward journey to follow the Hakken Dub, we find the aptly titled 'Throat Dub' - a track made mostly out of Aisha Devi's 'guttural vocals' processed into 9+mins of fierce meditational drones, that could easily gather the whole crowd's attention if deployed at the right moment in a DJ-set.

Flipside, we have two more cuts, featuring two excellent guest remixes from none other than Hieroglyphic Being and IVVVO (Public Information) - this is something the Danse Noir label exceed with, having put forward remixes by the likes of Cooly G, Nguzungu, Wille Burns and Young Echo's 'Killing Sound' in the past.

A well versatile disc, not always easy on the ear - but all the better for it.

Aisha Devi - Hakken Dub

Aisha Devi - Throat Dub

Hakken Dub (IVVVO Remix)

Throat Dub (Hieroglyphic Being Remix)