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Alan johnson - Gorgon Sound

Blank Mind

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Finally repressed after going for mad money on discogs!

More essential stuff from Blank Mind!

First release from Alan Johnson some proper UK underground sonics right here, sounding somewhere in-between Snake Charmer by Menta and classic Horsepower (as the title may hint) the A-side ‘Goron Sound’ is a killer 2-step cut that slinks around pneumatic bass and a vocal sample from Babylon. Top, top stuff.

The flip - ‘Fickle’ works distorted bass into a sick in the head staccato beat, falling all over the shop in the best kind of way. Mr Johnson really shows off his production skills on this one, packing the track full of micro edits, a mind bending display of beat mastery at work. Fans of Hessle Audio, Pev etc, take note.

Goron Sound