• Albion - Space Time Continuum

Albion - Space Time Continuum

Ambassadors Reception

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We're trying our best to refrain from coining this as Galactic Disco, but there is a certainly an aura of outer space retrospective to be found on this disc...

Served in a Disco sleeve, in more than one sense of the word, Ambassadors Reception have reached far to the outer reaches of the dance-arena on this one.

Grooving, melodious, driving and dreamlike - Albion reaches for the stars in fine style.

Superbly executed dancefloor music for those who like a bit of spice and funk in their dish.

From the arpeggiating, drum driven title track 'Space Time Continuum' to the handclapping, jacking disco rhythm of 'Milky Way' through to 'Voodoo Safari' on the flip - the direction and aim of these tracks is loud and clear... Dance music for those who want to dance.

Our money goes on the B2 - the outstanding late-night / early-morning 'floor stragglers treat of 'Thunder Strikes' leads the way on this disc with cool and deadly disco-precision.

Don't resist!

Space Time Continuum

Milky Way

Thunder Strikes

Voodoo Safari