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Alexandra Atnif - Rhythmic Brutalism Vol. 2

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Romanian artist Alexandra Atnif finally has her early, self-released tape material pressed to wax across two LPs, both of which we're very pleased to be stocking.

Inspired by the aesthetic and philosophical stylings of the Brutalist architecture movement, this pair of LPs sits at the noisier end of industrial techno and electro, mechanical rhythmic loops just barely anchoring the abrasive angularity of the rest of the music. In an Orwellian fashion, Atnif appropriates a broad range of musical techniques and inverts their meaning: atmospherics, instead of generating a sense of spaciousness, are drowning walls of feedback which consume and compress rather than expand.

It's uncomfortable listening, but this is exactly the intention - the extremes Atnif reaches across these LPs is rarely matched by others working in the same, but this reinforces the profundity of the music's message, and will certainly appeal to hardcore fans out there (of both brutalism and Industrial music... though we imagine the overlap is large). This unrelenting approach is the binding force between the various strains of techno, electro, drone and pure noise that occupy each disc.

Not one for the light-hearted crew, that's for sure.

Side 1
1. Asymmetrik
2. Decay Mode
3. Body Consciousness
4. Degenerating Human Livestock
5. Supersymmetry
Side 2
1. Compartmentalized Organic Life
2. Self-Annihilator
3. Petulant
4. Undeciphered Distress Signal
5. Void Aesthetik

Decay Mode

Degenerating Human Livestock