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Alis - Things Next Door


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Loop-based freshness by Alis on Astro:Dynamics -

Previously producing as 'Subeena' - Sabina Plamenova has earned her stripes over the years, with brilliant releases on labels such as Planet Mu and of course Astro:Dynamics showcasing her talented, melodious and inventive musical nature, she went on to form her own label 'Opit Records' releasing music by the likes of Portico Quartet and Kentucky-based Milyoo...

Following her output as Alis on the Don't Be Afraid label, Sabina's purchased a loop pedal for incorporation into her live-set.

'A lonely trip to Sofia, Bulgaria's Capital' led to a string of impromptu recordings using her own vocals and experimenting with the new loop-device... the result is this shimmering, glowing, mystical four tracker on Astro:Dynamics... finding rhythm in short moments and capturing harmonies that could fly past in a second, this cassette is a great piece of 'more personal' music by Alis.

Wonderful stuff, load it up in the tape deck, sit back and listen!

Mastered via Reel-To-Reel by Vessel.
C30, printed Cassettes with printed inlay.




Things Next Door