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Alpár / S Olbricht + Carla Under Water - Split

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Fresh split-cassette import from SicSic -

Brilliant split effort featuring almost one hour of experimentations and creations from Alpár on Side A, S. Olbricht featuring the voice of of Carla Under Water on the flip of the tape.

Some great words were written about the tape by Lucia Udvardyova over at Easterndaze:
"The Budapest scene of the last few years has garnered attention, because of its cross-pollinatory nature, specific sound revolving around the Farbwechsel label. Lo-fi house, analogue electronics, vintage techno have become staples of sonic map of the Hungarian capital.
The Farbwechsel headhonchos now teamed up together for this split release. Alpár’s part sees him showcase his tradmark synthwave, kraut and kosmische inspired analogue-driven ambient-like compositions.
It is definitely the “lighter” side of the album, the more hopeful and calming. The angel to the devil that arises on the other half - S Olbricht with vocals of Carla Under Water are plaintive and melancholic, embracing genres like cold-wave, EBM or even shoegaze, the vocals sometimes reminding of those of a sombre Freddy Ruppert, cloaked in a fog of lofi post-punkish doom and gloom. Nevertheless, this is probably their most accessible and versatile release, promising to further cement the status of the Budapest Zodiak Club"

Brilliant sonics, check!

Recorded in Budapest in 2013 by Bálint Zalkai, Martin Mikolai and Máté Tulipán.

1.Alpár - Psittaciformes
2.Alpár - Strigiformes
3.Alpár - Sphenisciformes
4.Alpár - Anseriformes
5.Alpár - Piciformes
6.Alpár - Procellariiformes
7.S Olbricht + Carla under Water - Running Blind
8.S Olbricht + Carla under Water - The Door
9.S Olbricht + Carla under Water - No Message (The Key)
10. S. Olbricht + Carla under Water - Eyes wide open (Face your Fears)

Alpár - Strigiformes

Alpár - Piciformes

S Olbricht + Carla under Water - No Message (The Key)

S Olbricht + Carla under Water - Gunshot (You are the Light)