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Alphacut Fundamentals EP

Alphacut Records

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>>Includes 16 locked grooves and die-cut Kraftliner sleeve<<

Four tracks of unadulterated Jungle-izm from the Alphacut camp. Hand stamped white label in a stylish Die-Cut sleeve. Includes heaps of locked grooves too!

Alphacut come correct with the first in their brand new "Third-Wave" series with this four track EP of absolute stinkers! According with the mission statement of the label these tracks from artists like Theory, Kodama and Abstract Elements take no prisoners and deliver a full on audio assault!

Referencing the golden era Headz sound with clattering Dub echoes and mystic sample sources, lead track "Foundation 11" by Theory sounds like a dream collaboration between Digital and Dillinja. Straight into "Ritualz" by Kodama with its swarming mentasms and militant choppage, this one is guaranteed to set the dance alight.

Over on the flip "Reload, Replay" by Hidden Element is reminiscent of the darkness found in older Donny material mixed with the rawness and authenticity of an Equinox track. Finally "Mindcrusher" By Abstract Elements is a pure rinseout, blurring the line completely between Breakcore and Jungle, absolutely begging to be spun on a big rig!

When combined with the 16 locked grooves this is a Jungle Swiss army knife of a record!

Theory - Foundation 11

Kodama - Ritualz

Hidden Element - Reload, Replay

Abstract Elements - Mindcrusher