• Alter Echo & E3 - Kufic Dub / Dub Is Not Easy

Alter Echo & E3 - Kufic Dub / Dub Is Not Easy

ZamZam Sounds

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For the 7th instalment from ZamZam Sounds, Label Boss E3 takes his turn at the controls alongside fellow producer Alter Echo.

Digging deep in the crate with samples ranging from North Africa and the Middle East through to unhinged tape reels straight from the vaults of a dusty studio filled with vintage equipment, 'Kufic Dub' draws from a varied palette of sonics, creating something utterly unique and engaging.
A heavily organic drum pattern acts as the driving force of rhythmical momentum whilst a flurry of urgent middle eastern strings sweep in to shake up that steady pattern like thunder and lightning.
Effortless soundscapes and atmospherics reign in and take control for deep breaths of suspense just before the inevitable rhythm crashes back in full swing.
'Dub Is Not Easy' focuses on a powerhouse steppers rhythm on full depth charge and ever-evolving movements in the echo chamber.
Whilst the bassline holds it's own the rest of the track communicates in a constant call & response fashion, leaving a nice amount of space for each frequency to resonate.
Brilliant debut on ZamZam from Alter Echo & E3 with possibly one of the most unique 7s on ZamZam so far.

Another must-have in the collection of ZamZam sounds from the well.

Limited 7", hand-screen printed by Polygon Press.

Alter Echo & E3 - Kufic Dub

Alter Echo & E3 - Dub Is Not Easy