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Alter Echo & E3 - Nubian Dub (EgolessRemix + DJ Madd Remix)


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Killer double-drop of 10" remix pressure via ZamZam HQ, this is Part 1 -

We've been waiting for this one, eagerly.
Alter Echo & E3's brilliant 'Nubian Dub' which was released on ZamZam last year, rears it's head once again here with this set of reinterpretations from Egoless and DJ Madd.

Egoless does an outstanding job here, twisting the elements into a new structure and style, maintaining it's depth and heavyness with charges of the bassline shot through the spring reverb and cutting through the mix, whilst the counteractive parts add a decidedly uplifting rootical feel to the palette of the original, even bringing in a nice dose of a Dr.Dre-esque hook in there!
A very fresh and original take on the original cut, just drop it and watch this one go off in the dance.

Flipside, DJ Madd goes in on the remix in half-time junglist mode, reducing Nubian Dub into a forceful, fast-paced stepper that will keep the speakerbox shaking up from the top, right until the very last drop.

Last but not least, Tracy, one-half of the ZamZam & Khaliphonic operation alongside E3, and in charge of design & print under the name 'Polygon Press' has done this one full justice, with an excellent design for each of these records, all hand-printed in proper DIY style and fashion.

Limited to 800, no digital, no repress.
Mastered and cut by Lewis at Stardelta.

Nubian Dub (Egoless Remix)

Nubian Dub (DJ Madd Remix)