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Alter Echo & E3 - RWDFWDMIX009


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Next up in our RWDFWDMIX series.....

O.G RWDFWD connection from Portland, USA - ZamZam co-boss, and top-a-top selector E3 lays down 90minutes of dubwise and otherwise mixed in fine style on the turntables, strictly wax, charged with additional dubbing and fx-action from sparring partner Alter Echo!

We're real pleased to offer this one out, following from Robin Stewart's murky eclectism and local dubplate manifestations.... Feels right to take another step further into dubwise territory from a true selector and head for many years now, and someone who has had a long running connection to Bristol... pre ZamZam, BSI Records released local dub veterans Henry & Louis a couple of decades ago, and the pressure has continued ever since, releasing many Bristol artists - from Ishan, to Dubkasm to Titus12, Peaman and so on.... And of course we still cherish that AEE3 12" which kicked off the LAVALAVA label a few years ago now - that one's still a big favourite here, and I'm sure many of you would agree.

Word on the street, is that there is an AEE3 + Warrior Queen release coming on LAVALAVA next... you heard it here first.

Anyway -
This excursion into the depths of deep growling dub bass & phased out echo-action goes to many places, from On:U Sound type abstractions, through to other rootical obscurities, 00's dubstep-not-dubstep and dub techno underground classics, and other things you never heard yet, but will be very glad to have done so.

The icing on the cake is supplied by Alter Echo, who proves once again that he's a master of the sliding fader and effects sends - the music gets shot through a myriad of reverbs, drenched in echo - a real headsy experience - turn up the bass and find the sweet spot listening position for best effect.

As always, no clips - you'll just have to trust us on this when we say: It's a special one!!!!

Ltd Edition - available here, and nowhere else - tape-only.

Artwork, as always, by the ever-excellent Studio Tape-Echo.
Printed red shells with foldout artwork - pro-dubbed