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Alter Echo & E3 - Tape-Echo Mix


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After some prolonged procrastination on Tape-Echo's part, the promotional mix that Alter Echo & E3 put together for the debut release on LavaLava went online, some 3 months after the record had sold out.

It's a heady mix of live DJ set from E3 and studio overdubs by Alter Echo, selecting some seriously overlooked gems, rarities and dubs from the vaults, recontextualized and reformed over 30 odd minutes. It's so good in fact that it seemed wrong not to immortalise it on cassette (seeing as they won't cough up for the Soundcloud Pro account and it'll disappear soon most likely).

The idea was floated and demands were made for a B side - and it's safe to say it exceeded expectations, the A side is already a gem but the B goes a step further, even darker and even heavier on the overdubs...

One to get lost in, again and again.

Red foiled inner cassette with printed shell, Colourplan J card, edition of 50