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Alter Echo & E3 - Warning Dub (Ishan Sound Special / Egoless Remix)


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<< Finally here, after months of courier and customs import madness! >>

Warning, Warning, Warning....

Part 2 of  the 10" AE&E3 Remix series on ZamZam sister label Khaliphonic has landed.

Sitting neatly alongside the Nubian Dub remixes in the collection, here are the Ishan Sound and Egoless remixes of Alter Echo & E3's most heavyweight cut to date, served last year on the ZamZam imprint, quickly selling out it's 600 copies that got pressed.

Ishan Sound takes the coki-esque dubstep thrilla further into steppers territory, adding energy to the rhythm section and implementing a haunting choral synthline, all amplified for maximum duplate pressure, with the thunderous sound of Young Echo cohort's 'Rider Shafique' on the microphone.

Flip it for another piece of excellent Egoless trickery, lifting up the original cut and injecting equal amounts of space and immense pressure, perfect dynamics on the drums and it's responding stop-start bassline. Take a deep breath and get ready to get wild to this one, because you're in for a ride!

Served in fine style, with artwork designed and printed by Polygon Press, this one will look (and sound!) nice next to your copy of Khaliphonic05 (or indeed all the other ZamZam and Khaliphonic records that you own)

Limited to 800, no repress, no digital.
Mastered by Lewis at Stardelta.

Warning Dub (Ishan Sound Special)

Warning Dub (Egoless Remix)