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Ambulance vs Ambulance - Live At Mickey's

Accidental Meetings

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Ambulance vs Ambulance & the gang at the controls, at Mickey Zoggs, down the road!

The Accidental Meetings label dish out another gem from around our ways, following up that Ghost Phone mixtape with a recording from Robin Stewart and Miles BKV aka Ambulance vs Ambulance, alongside plenty of brethren and sisters taking us on a twisted ride through their head-melting tangle of accumulated sonics, from around their sphere, near and far.

"Recorded live at the young Mickey Zoggs in the Noods Radio booth out of hours with Java Java Wetware (BKV Industrial and Jade Hibou), Ambulance vs Ambulance, Robin Stewart, Franco Franco and D Ham representing.
Taking turns on decks and mics (2 x vinyl, 2 x CDJ, 1 x kaoss pad, harmonica) to make loops and samples for each other to sing over. A rough and ready setup that they were starting to use pre-COVID at ATC nights and radio to basically make it more interesting.
Think of karaoke/improving over mashed up bits of other people's tunes to create something unique n banging."

Pure heat inside - take a listen for yourself.

Limited edition, tape-only mix.
Served in fluro shell, with printed inlay and printed onbody.
comes with DL code.


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