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AMJ meets RSD - Heartbeat

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Brand new combination styles from Rob Smith and the AMJ Collective -

Furthering their musical catalogue, the next disc on Astar Artes Recordings brings the Bristol-based AMJ Collective back into the studio with John Hollis and the legendary Rob Smith / RSD on additional production and versioning duties -

It's a refreshing mix of musicality and soundsystem pressure - featuring a number of guest vocalists and players of instruments, this disc is filled to the brim with melody and harmony, all whilst maintaining a dubwise feel and a whole heap of bass and drum.

Heartbeat kicks off with a nyabinghi pattern that soon evolves into a powerhouse stepper with enough bassline to warrant loud volume.
Followed by the full vocal and instrumental cut, comes the RSD version - another accomplished piece from the man that can do no wrong.

Flip the disc, and we find 'Blue Mountain'  - a mellow, yet fast-paced stepper that brings in some vital string parts and guitar licks, never easing off on it's energy, flowing sure like a coastal breeze.

Things get real juicy when RSD introduces some perfectly placed signature bassline... Deadly!

A truly musical disc, sure to make a dancehall turn and twist.

Recorded in Havana, Pentrych and Bristol.
Mixed by Rob Smith.

Heartbeat (Version)


Blue Mountain (Dub)

Blue Mountain (Side)