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AMJ meets RSD - Serious Signs


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Brand new disc from Bristol's AMJ collective alongside Smith & Mighty's RSD -

Astar Artes are back with another versatile disc, fusing outernational sounds with a heavy dubwise direction.

Bringing an acoustic, worldwide approach to the soundsystem palette, this is signature AMJ / RSD material -
a great blend of AMJ instrumentation and overdriven bassline, RSD style.

The deep and heavy Serious Signs features soulful performances by Seckou Keita on kora,
Michel 'Pata' Salazar on keyboards, Camilo Menjura on guitar and Michel Padron on trumpet.

The B is Second Drop, a fresh reworking of the first AMJ-RSD single, the brilliant 7" disc that featured Depth Drop, now with additional version excursion possibilites through the fine additional guitar work from Camilo Menjura and horns from Michel Padron.

10" pressure, served in a brown card sleeve, cut nice and crisp.

Serious Signs

Second Drop