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AMJ meets RSD - Sky Blue Love LP


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Astar Artes Recordings compile some of the best bits of AMJ and RSD's back catalogue for the label, creating a perfect bookend to their highly fruitful collaboration - here are some quotes from old reviews to get you back in the mood!

- On Heartbeat / Blue Mountain :
"Heartbeat kicks off with a nyabinghi pattern that soon evolves into a powerhouse stepper with enough bassline to warrant loud volume.
Followed by the full vocal and instrumental cut, comes the RSD version – another accomplished piece from the man that can do no wrong.

Flip the disc, and we find ‘Blue Mountain’ – a mellow, yet fast-paced stepper that brings in some vital string parts and guitar licks, never easing off on it’s energy, flowing sure like a coastal breeze."

- On Serious Signs
"The deep and heavy Serious Signs features soulful performances by Seckou Keita on kora,
Michel ‘Pata’ Salazar on keyboards, Camilo Menjura on guitar and Michel Padron on trumpet. Perfect stuff."

- On Depth Drop
"Superb piece of deep dub from the local circuit, produced by AMJ, eloquently mixed by Rob Smith aka RSD to great effect, with each element sitting well-balanced in the mix, letting the ever-surging bassline pave the way for majestic horns, reverbed kicks and hi-hat shuffle."

- On The Brave (Dub) / Kanabori
"This version features the Senegalese Mariama Kouyate on vocals, Moustapha Gaye, also from Senegal, on Kana Bori and Cuban flutist Jose Zalba on the Flute cut… all backed with RSD’s timeless touch – the signature drum roll’s and hi-hat flutter, and of course a big-bottomed bass, geared for any capable soundsystem to rumble in full effect."

A brilliant compilation that means a fair bit to us (having stocked all of these records at some point over the years), and a worthy purchase for those both familiar with or new to the back catalogue - big up RSD and the AMJ Collective each and every time!

Blue Mountain (Dub)

The Brave (Dub)

Depth Drop