• AMX005: Judaah Mixtape

AMX005: Judaah Mixtape

Accidental Meetings

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Big bad Judaah mix session on tape via Accidental Meetings >>

Nice to see Lyon-based BDFM label boss selector Judaah in the mix for the AM label, running out of Bristol.

A side sees Judaah go deep into rootical dancehall via screwed slo-mo chuggers and 100ish bpm bumpers - a proper deep digging and world melding session, strictly big selections inside.

Side B continues to heap up the sonic pressure in that tricky way, combining the dots between tracks with unlikely, yet perfect blends & mixups. Going thru baile funk, ballroom, dancehall and some properly minimalistic high energy dance pressure, Judaah keeps a deadly focus and things stay restrained, yet driving & energetic throughout.

Big, big mix - you can't go wrong with this one in your tape player.

Ltd Edition, tape-only.

Side A Clip

Side B Clip