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Anami & The Wareikers - Day Drum Sound

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Nyabinghi with a touch of motown, Japanese import -

Lovely stuff right here, a righteous couple of pieces of music from Anami & The Wareikers, straight outta Japan.
Up top, mystic flute, whirring rhodes, heartbeat drums and a low-slung bassline make up the nyabinghi-esque sounds of 'Day Drum Sound' - in our opinion worth the (import) price of this 7'' alone!

Underneath, the Black-american influence of Soul & Blues comes forth a little more, yet maintaining a subtle touch of Jamaican rocksteady in there, a soothing concoction of sounds, for the sunday afternoon / sunny day kind of vibe.

Sweet & buttery vibes on this one, calmer than your cup of camomile.

Day Drum Sound

My Little Bag (Dedicated To Llyoyd Knibb)