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Andreas Gehm - Yes Or No

Happy Skull

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Banging three track EP from Andreash Gehm on Bristol's Happy Skull Label. Includes awesome "Twin Peaks" inspired artwork insert from Anina Yates.

Andreas Gehm makes his debut for Happy Skull with the "Yes Or No" EP. Starting off with the titular track, this twisting Acid inflected rinser is primed for the basement as a 303 line writhes and pulsates backed with a sturdy 4/4 kick and manic Linn Drum syncopations. This one works up a real sweat!

After the pummelling insanity of the A-side, "Summer time in Coloniae" is a more esoteric and reflective number, as deep blue Juno sustains provide the texture for a classic electro box jam. While final track "Going By' throws the rule book out the window, as its deranged melody contrasts unsettlingly with a stammering drum machine, thick bass tones and arpeggios keep the track tethered (barely!) to this dimension.

Another cracking release from Happy Skull here, three choice cuts of heady dancefloor gear combined with effortlessly cool artwork this purchase is a no brainer.

Yes Or No

Summer Time In Coloniae

Going By