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Andy Mac - Diving Bird Series #3

Idle Hands

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Fresh & third piece in the Diving Bird series from Andy Mac on Bristol's Idle Hands, the final disc in the trilogy of always excellent dubwise excursions for the dub house crew... This time along, we're treated to a killer linkup in the form of Acido kru Dynamo Dreesen & PST on remix duties, rolling out on the B side.

The A side leads off with 'Sketch 3' a rough hewn House track with an analogue, hands-on feel throughout... As with previous gems from Andy Mac, there is a subdued, solemn vibe to the music but it's an uplifting feeling nonetheless... Channelling the dub introspection and choppy rhythms with that infectious melody really brings the whole thing to life. It is his version of the dub style, perhaps inspired by Bristol's old-school soundsystems and their tuneful rumble, and the melancholy of those big waves crushing into the shores by his current abode in Cornwall. Whilst it's still rooted in dub, the tracks often lean into the rhythmical chug of proper house & techno, and much so with this, it has all the feel-good vibe of a good Nigerian highlife record... Or perhaps more directly inspired by the music he recorded and sought out on his trip to Ghana some time ago... Who knows?! but we do know it's a great tune.

On the B side, Acido's Dreesen and PST remix 'Longships', one of the standout cuts from Diving Bird #1, into a hypnotic, introspective dub techno roller for the late hours... Subtle sine waves oscillate in dub style and fashion whilst drippy, watery percussive elements filter in and out across that warm bass drum and those big bass dives that hit right in the chest... It's a heartwarming remix, and one that'll grow on you with each listen.

Mmmmmh yes - go on Andy!


Dancehall Style

Longships - (PST & Dreesen remix)