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Andy Mac - Regular & Irregular

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So here it is, the OG Andy Mac double pack released way back in '13 on Idle Hands. Electronic music moves fast - great tunes 5 years ago can sound dated in today's climate, but Regular & Irregular has stood the test of time with such poise that these tracks almost fit better in 2017 than they did way, way, way back when...

Mac's dedication to the fusion of dub and house music has been his mission statement (although that's a massive simplification) for some time now - and Regular & Irregular sees these fusions play themselves out across five tracks and four sides, all taking unique directions towards the dancefloor. The rhythmic foundations tend towards house territory - as does the harmonic lushness provided by the expertly deployed pads and melodies - but the arrangements, FX treatment and general sense of space conjure up the way of the soundsystem in true Bristolian fashion, and part of what makes these tunes so classic.

Angus Finlayson once described the dub mood as "eternal" - he's not wrong. Whether you're applying it to the work of the Livity Crew, Timedance or even our very own lowly label endeavours, the dedication to continuing and building on those decades of musical culture is typified in Regular & Irregular, and the reason why we love it so much.


Side 1
1. Cities & Desires
2. Hearts & Lungs
Side 2
1. Nowhere!
Side 3
1. Lit
Side 4
1. The Rude Sea

Cities & Desires

Heart & Lungs