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Andy Rantzen ‎– Magnetic South: A Collection Of Rare And Unreleased Masking Tapes Recordings 1984 -1986

Kashual Plastik

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Another super-fine drop of beautifully obscure sounds, assembled in DIY style, via Berlin's Kashual Plastik imprint, and served up in limited edtion, with screenprinted artwork & insert.

This release is filled to the brim with a careful selection of rarities that have been well-underground up until now, artefacts that have retained their blend of quality music and experimental value. On 'Magnetic South' Andy Rantzen and the extended Masking Tapes crew glimpse through ambient lenses and go full drone into industrial post punk territory, shattering conventions and picking up the pieces, taking in a whole load of sonic spectrum, whilst defying easy classification.

Check this info for some background on the project:
"Schoolmates Justin Brandis and Andy Rantzen formed The Masking Tapes label in 1984, as a vehicle to release cassettes of their own recordings operating under a variety of group names. The duo recorded sound collages and primitive drum-machine driven tracks, relying on atmosphere, a sense of the bizarre, and a Tascam Portastudio, to make up for a limited musical knowledge or training.

Once each album was recorded, they would take them to Sydney's inner city record stores in runs of five copies. Some also found their way onto the international mail order tape exchange - the internet of its day. In time, the duo would be joined by other musicians - including drummer Bryce Cannon, who is featured on one of these tracks - and would begin to learn their way around both their instruments and recording studios.

A couple of years later, Pelican Daughters, as they were now known, would be picked up for two album releases by Kim Cascone's San Francisco label Silent Records, obviating the need to continue their own label. These early Masking Tapes recordings are prior to that, when enthusiasm and amateurism reigned supreme, and each new track was an adventure."

If you managed to get a copy of Kashual Plastik's last release, you'll know to expect a fine amount of detail and pain-staking hard work for the physical aspect of this release -
This is a real DIY labour of love for all the right reasons.

Edition of 250.
Comes with screen printed artwork

Andy Rantzen - Beacon Hill / Starkness /
Pelican Daughter - Lambent Lights / A Manner of Speaking /
Shibboleth - Open the Cupboard / Navigation At Night / The Auctioneer /
Knapp - Head Burglary / Until I Contact You Again I Have a Dream / Zag / He She It

Andy Rantzen - Beacon Hill

Pelican Daughter - Lambent Lights

Shibboleth - Open the Cupboard

Knapp - He She It