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Andy Stott - It Should Be Us

Modern Love

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More crucial transmissions from Andy Stott on Modern Love, with his first record since 2016 -

This 'double EP' contains eight cuts from the brain of Andy Stott, aimed at the feet as well as the rest. It's another utterly singular sound, full of sonic intrigue, and hitting that perfect balance between dank, dangerous bassweight and a ghostly, melodious and highly effective approach to UK dancefloor sounds from over the last two, three decades.

'It Should Be Us' feels like the perfect continuation of Andy Stott's particular brew of rhythms, in club formation - it's a sound that will stand out from a mile away (speaker capacity dependent), and one that we'll never get tired of - utterly dance-able, and filled with sonic brain food - from the buried vocals to those basslines that seem to have voice and body themselves - these are all proper, proper fluid productions throughout, and we guarantee they'll still sound great in 20 years time.

2 x 12" mastered and cut at Dubplates & Mastering, at 45rpm each side.

1. Dismantle 04:16
2. It Should Be Us 05:26
3. Collapse 03:38
4. Take 06:06
5. Not This Time 04:41
6. 0L9 06:56
7. Ballroom 04:02
8. Versi 05:26