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Ann Eysermans - For Trainspotters Only


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Next up on the great Cortizona label (Luz Azul, Bernard Sjazner, etc!) here's a very special, curious something - the debut album from Belgian multi-instrumentalist Ann Eysermans, who manages to bring faraway worlds together through sound with 'For Trainspotters Only' -

culminating in a really fascinating and truly immersive album made up of harp, voice, organs, broken music boxes, and the binding thread - twisted field recordings of trains, machine rooms and other sounds that emit from train transit, the machines that make it move, and the locations that are passed through...

You'll have to hear it in order to believe it - but trust us, this one really works, once you get lost in it, there's magic to be found inside.

By the time you've dived into the emotive, and somewhat alluring synchronism of harp and the sound of whirring machines of 'Prelude and Fuga For Four Diesel Locomotives And Harp' (commisioned field recordings of Diesel Locomotives HD 51, 54, 55 and 60of the
Belgian Train World Heritage collection) and travelled past foggy views and into crowded machine rooms, heard the tracks clattering below airy instrumentation and passing voices, you'll be finding a kind of sense of calm that only happens when travelling, submitted to the tempo of your vehicle, resting your worries within the limitations of your space, awaiting the communal destination.

Thankfully, it really feels like the music is taking us places, it's not just a collection of sounds, there is a narrative in here, ghostly and haunting at times (those twinkles and resonant piano-esque thuds on the title track), then comforting (broken music box and tarkovsky esque crackle on the following cut), and, perhaps the solidifying moments for us - the drama, those washes of equal warmth and cold on the euphoria inducing parts when those warped string, voice and low-pitched horns come in and lift us out of dream voyage to somewhere different yet again - wow -

or, as the label say:
"A melancholic odyssey of sound in motion: Ann Eysermans let the
sparkling harp notes dissolve into the tones of pulsating train wheels.

On ‘For Trainspotters Only’ Ann Eysermans takes you on an immersive and meandering ride, connecting the dots between the free spirit of Alice Coltrane, the orchestrated field recording compositions of Chris Watson, Basil Kirchin soundtrack vibes and the magic realism of Claire Rousay.

For the curious, and for those who like to drift to faraway places with the music they hear... We'd highly recommend this one.

LP with tracing paper train schmematic insert, and deep purple paper sheet.
Edition of 500.


1. Prelude For Four Diesel Locomotives And Harp 08:53
2. Fuga For Four Diesel Locomotives And Harp 08:56
3. Le Départ 03:01
4. De Vertraging 02:32
5. Little One 03:36
6. For Trainspotters Only 04:33
7. Snowing 03:42
8.Chorale 02:03

Prelude For Four Diesel Locomotives & Harp

Fuga For Four Diesel Locomotives & Harp

Le Depart

De Vertraging

Little One

For Trainspotters Only