• Anthone – Aloof EP

Anthone – Aloof EP

Weevil Neighbourhood

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Anthone touches base on weevil neighbourhood’s map, with a stunning three-track EP of mid-tempo excursions into low-end territory.

Stumbling drumwork, razorsharp percussion and gutting low frequencies push through a mist of drones and white noise, leaving the listener feeling dismantled and cold, yet focused and refreshed.

Whilst ‘Destabilize’ and ‘Aloof’ hint towards fragments of broken beat and Garage in the midst of more left-field sonic ventures,  ‘Rebound’ seems to move with a more distinct swagger, moving forwards with force and strength, a decidedly staggering drum pattern and detuned warning shots of low frequency remind of a more restrained version of early Vex’d productions.

Expertly crafted Sound System music, ready to shatter the foundations of any kind of building!

(Very) black vinyl, hand-stamped and -numbered, limited to 300 copies for the world.