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Anti G - Kush In Da Sound


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Six tracks of bubbling rave insanity courtesy of Anti G's new "Kush In Da Sound" on the esoteric Rwina Records!

This second LP by the Dutch producer is an excellent continuation of his first outing on Planet Mu back in 2011, seeing him further refine the acrobatic synth work and complex polyrhythms that have become his signature with an altogether slicker and tougher production sound. These tracks demonstrate a confidence and direction that was slightly lacking in the previous album possibly due in part to the excellent A&R of Rwina.

The list of influences here is about as broad as it gets in dance music, heavily indebted to the bass weight of UK sound system music just as much as the stuttering-swagger of the reggaeton referencing drum-work. B-Boy-esque vocal samples pepper the riddims alongside raucous Hard-Trance synths which bend and squawk, ensuring the energy levels never drop for a second!

Whilst Anti G was considered ahead of his time and a bit too "weird" a few years back he now finds himself with a raft of contemporaries allowing this material to slot very comfortably in an upfront set!

This record is perfect for fans of Lisbon's frenetic Principe Disco, the bumpy Dancehall of Stereotyp, the Funky inflections of Champion and the spangled Afro-House of LV!

UK Funky/Footwork/Reggaeton/Bashment/Grime/Dubstep/Hip-Hop - It's all here in spades!

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