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Antony Bernardo - The Ropes Tension EP

Full Dose

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Switching things up from that killer burro banton excursion as Lucchesi, it is now the turn of their Antony Bernardo alias with the full deep, dubbed out tripp on the excellent Full Dose imprint -

Where that previous disc was something for the one-legged grime mosh pit, this one here is for the blue hours or more subdued, lights-low moments in front of a soundsystem. Proper deep, but still packed with lots of restrained funk, these four very infectious cuts sprawl & swerve through tasty low-pass-filtered analogue synth bass and Dario Argento / Carpenter esque synth-harmonix in a real nice way -

fans of early Theo Parrish, Jan Jelinek, maybe even some Andy Mac or Gaia Tones or Shinichi Atobe, and those 90's / early 00's berlin gems from the likes of Basic Channel, Maurizio or Villalobos, will feel at home here, and those just looking for a record that rolls out in a very deep, and very wholesome way should also take a step inside this depth charge.
This one will grow on you after a few listens too - by the time you reach that stepper 'Drama' - the closing track - you'll be well inside this, and probably turning the record back around again.

Proper good.

The Ropes Tension