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Aphex Twin – Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments


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Aphex is back again, thankfully not making us wait quite as long as we had to for Syro. This time around he takes a left turn from the previous album and comes with a stunning EP of machine music...

By proper machine music we mean, ‘machines hitting instruments' kind of thing, not hooking an 808 and 303 up, just straight up acoustic instruments being banged by robots and sequenced by the man himself. The ADAH acid edits of Syro are gone, this treads a well considered and expertly crafted line between modern classical and classic funk breaks.

There are a whole gang of tracks on here, ranging from short sharp piano tinkling pieces to thorough workouts on the tubs, the sonic attention to detail is, as you would expect, obnoxiously high, no excuses for not getting fully involved in this one, it’s brilliant, one of those records that even pages of reviews won't do proper justice - just get it on the turntable!

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