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Aphex Twin - Syro


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Could this be the most hotly anticipated album of the year so far?

It’s been a decade since his last outing and expectations were higher than the blimps that Warp flew over major cities in the weeks leading up to the release date of this Aphex Twin album, were they met? of course they were.

12 tracks split across 3 discs here with superb artwork from the previously dormant ‘The Designers Republic’ whose anti establishment aesthetics have previously graced Warp covers and this time were briefed to ‘Document in some way, every cost involved in the making of the specific album format the purchaser had in their hands’, the lengthy list stretching across all three panels of the gatefold .

So onto the music, Syro opens with ‘Minipops 67’ which was doing the rounds on the web a bit before the release, a truly sublime cut referencing classic Aphex Twin without ever becoming cliche. Breezing effortlessly through tempos ‘Produk 29’ slows things down, a glassy downtempo track filled with trademark Aphex melody and spring reverb crashes. Things get progressively faster from here on, ‘CIRCLONT14

Minipops 67

Produk 29

CIRCLONT14 [152.97][shrymoming mix]

aisatsana [102]