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Aquadab & MC A - All Over There

Bokeh Versions

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Tripped out Japanese rap & riddims! Aquadab & MC A doing the Bokeh!

Firstly - apologies to all our regulars -
Somehow, this one got left aside in our box of tapes, and we've slept on getting the photo and review up on here for you all to see...
In the meantime this one has sold out everywhere, and this might well be one of the last places in the world where you can pick up a physical copy of this obscure badbwoy... Better late, than never!

Loading up the tape player this morning, we can't think of a better kind of music to start the day with... Far East verse interplays with some proper low-slung trip-hop dubwise styles, Aquadab (We heard he's a fan of our store... Well, we are honoured and are fans of his music too.. A mutual appreciation!) shows deft use of sonics throughout each track, with bassline and gritty drums holding everything in place, while distant percussion and strange soundscapes create thick, strangely glowing layers of smoked out frequency, giving the whole thing a sheen of dope'd up luxury - G'd up like a prime 90's westcoast cut by the likes of Dre, but with that exercise in focus and restraint, like it's been mastered at the Dojo by a blackbelt in Martial Arts.
MC A goes real wild on the mic, we can't comment on the lyrics as we are unfortunately not versed in Japenese, but actually, we quite like being left with the flow and word sound - the screams, laid-back talk and song of the often double, or triple-layered voice reminds of that loose & lively style we so love about Ol' Dirty Bastard.
The dynamic between instrumental and voice is extremely well played here too... both are left to take control, leaving each element at it's full potential - it's a very organic arrangement that should please fans of beats and raps alike.

This cassette is a perfect showcase of Bokeh Versions skills in seeking out the far-out, that you may otherwise not have found.
If you want music to expand your mind then look no further -

Killer, killer, killer.

Edition of 100, comes with DL code.

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