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Arash Moori - Exothermic LP


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Utterly dank, fizzing brutalist Birmingham soundsystem sonics from Arash Moori on Type - mad stuff!

Back on Type, Arash Moori completely levels the settings here, coming in with a thunderous, satisfyingly loud, highly cantankerous and rhythmically flexible set of tracks.
Following the city's strong lineage of noise, industry, destruction, political and social extremes and the resulting hardened attitudes, and the dark humour that must come with it, Arash Moori delivers a fresh new addition to any future retrospective of soul cleansing, bassbin-fuelling soundsystem noise.

Sounding like Scorn in a clash with King Earthquake and British Murder Boys - the shards of rave music, jamaican music, noise and soundsystem sonics are all in here across 9 viciously styled cuts.
From the rattling disturbance of the opener, through to the vex'd chop of Exothermic (the title track) and the expansive industrial soundscapes of the following cut, we're only five tunes in and this is already some of the sickest stuff we've heard in a while.
Turn the disc and we've entered full cyberpunk noisehead mode, no rules for future-facing generations of rave, total anarchy is a must.

Excellent stuff.
Utterly tough, and utterly satisfying / equal parts terrifying. Makes you feel alive though, eh!

Limited edition of 300.
Mastered and cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.

1. High Tech 03:41
2. Forward Backward 03:57
3. Hinterland Derelict 05:48
4. Exothermic 03:58
5. Invert 03:14
6. Chop Logic Seance 03:59
7. Black Lungs 03:45
8. Gun Barrel 02:58
9. Spatial Annihilate 02:42



Gun Barrel

Hinterland Derelict