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Archiver meets Mike Brooks - Pusherman

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Ltd Edition D.I.Y. styles from the new 'I&I Musik' imprint -

Served up in hand-made fashion, this versatile 10" disc presents us with a fresh bit of rootical niceness, crossing the borders between traditional JA, UK and Berlin sounds.

The veteran vocalist Mike Brooks lays down a conscious song for Archiver, proper sunshine music underpinned with a big boost of sub frequenting the breathing space between vocal, guitar (Matteo Boyero) and a one-drop style rhythm.
Vocal, followed by version.

On the flip, Archiver invites Wallace Adalphus to bring his positive morning message across some seriously heavyweight dub-techno styles, and for us, this is definitely the standout cut on this disc.
There's a supreme balance between the brightness of guitar and spoken word, and the overwhelmingly deep sub tones that ride the current under a totally fluid steppers / techno crossover drum beat, really setting this one into higher regions.

Killer stuff, this one is a righteous weapon for those who want to bring that powerful roots message but aren't afraid to delve a bit deeper in the dance.

Archiver ft. Mike Brooks - Pusherman

Archiver - Pusherman Version

Archiver ft. Wallace Adalphus - Good Morning