• ARCHIVIO #2 - La Grande Baldoria
  • ARCHIVIO #2 - La Grande Baldoria
  • ARCHIVIO #2 - La Grande Baldoria
  • ARCHIVIO #2 - La Grande Baldoria

ARCHIVIO #2 - La Grande Baldoria

Never Sleep

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The Never Sleep related ARCHIVIO publication strikes again, following up that jaw-droppingly good first issue of hardcore techno / record shop related graphics, with a more localised look at the subcultural ephemera of the mid 80s discoteque scene in Italy - much like the predecessor, this book is full of highly intriguing oddities and smile-raising artefacts of a culture of days gone by, pre internet age, in a time when music did of course travel through countries and the sentiment of dancing to amplified music existed worldwide, yet everyone did it a little different - and the italian discoteque scene is especially interesting when keeping in mind the boom of illegal free party raves that followed -

Well researched and collated with great eye for detail, served on high quality print and paper, ARCHIVIO #2 is another must-have, if you ask us.

Check the infos from the source:
"The second issue, about the italian discoteques golden age, collecting and scanning Italian discos logos and stickers, graphics curiosity and illustration ephemera during the golden age of Italian discos.
The selection of logos, draws from the artist private archive, is a visual testimony of a unique and unrepeatable Italian historical moment.From the brutalist provincial discos to the trendy circuits of the big Italian cities of the post economic boom.More than 8000 discos were surveyed during the mid-1980s, a nation always on the move in constant search of revelry. Looking for La Grande Baldoria.
The publication includes text by Mauro Simionato about one of the first club-focused subcultural phenomenon of the baiosi and later afro-cosmic movement; and a text by Michele Galluzo with reference to the visual identities and the graphic inspirations during that era."

Basically, this book is well worth a look!
A proper time travelling / subcultural history colating artefect - no doubt.
Cover print on 400gr matt paperwith a yellow neon stickerCMYK Print 100gr matt paperSize: 17 cm x 24 cm104 pages