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ASDA - The McDonald's Prayer / Japan Blues Regrind / Ossia's Milkshake Mix


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ASDA meets Japan Blues meets Ossia, for a NoCorner 12" containing all the nutrition you need.

In NoCorner's words 'ASDA gave us 59 seconds of sugar-rushed holy praise, we gave them two remixes: one from Japan Blues, one from Ossia.'

This is perhaps one of their boldest releases yet, giving us much needed new ASDA material, very short and very sweet, and coupling it with two reworked extensions that take the material into new realms of sound and structure.

'The McDonald's Prayer' could be chester giles & Vessel's answer to the rawest of early grime, not necessarily in it's intentions, but in it's raw, 100% direct, energised accumulation. It's a heartfelt, blasphemous symphony for concrete living conditions, and it's left alone on one whole side of the vinyl, with a whole stretch of surface noise serving as the perfect breathing space whilst the needle finds the last groove on the disc.

On the B Side, Japan Blues - himself a long time Honest Jon's hustler and renowned selector - manages to 'regrind' the track into 6 mins of pressurized rhythm, reminding of early Horsepower Productions infused with his trademark far east 'scapes and singular atmospherics, it's a killer.

Ossia drives chester's vocals and Vessel's sonics through a strange slush, sounding like the late night blues incurred after a day trawling the streets with a belly full of coca cola, fries and burger meat.

The artwork for ASDA's 'the abyss' LP on NoCorner last year is a very striking piece of work from the Tape-Echo studio, perhaps one of our favourites from him, and this follow up record had to reach certain levels of presentation that could keep up that feeling -
and it sure did.

Comes with Burger insert poster,
& stamped up bible page.

Mastered and cut by Lewis at Stardelta.
Designed by Studio Tape-Echo.

ASDA - The McDonald's Prayer

Japan Blues Regrind

Ossia's Milkshake Mix