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Asis - Part 3


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Tripped-out dubb from the mysterious Asis constellation -

The latest FIT Detroit and Wania collaboration is here, and this time along it brings with it some freakzone dub experiments from the outer reaches of ambient and drone.

It's a suspenseful journey into the obscure -
Seemingly endless feeback loops, metallic splatters and distant arrpeggios work their way in, around and over a mangled sub-bass that just keeps vibrating, like Jabba The Hut on a mission to rescue this sinking spaceship.
In more serious comparisons, we'd shelve this next to some of Ekoplekz's earlier works on Punch Drunk, and perhaps liken it to a Devil-mix (no drums) of some early On.U Sound / African Head Charge experiments.

It's captivating stuff, put your spacesuit on and jump on board, 'cos we goin deep!

Limited copies in stock, comes with insert laying down the rules of underground record pricing and attitude.

ASIS PART 3 (clip side 1)

ASIS PART 3 (clip side 2)