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Asusu - Trephine


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Bloody fantastic second drop by Asusu on his own Impasse label.

Up top is the Drexciya indebted electro/techno hybrid of  'Trephine' which sees Asusu refine his already immaculate production even further -

Absolutely no nonsense on the A-side, it's straight in with staccato basses and bladerunning synths - propelled at a rate by crafty hi-hats and tricky edits this one is primed for DJs and a real pleasure in the mix.

If the killer A-side wasn't enough for you, the flip gets even more interesting with the beatless, radiophonic experiments on side 2. 'Dualism' splits dazzling arpeggiated spectrums and ricochets them of the outter-reaches of the echo chamber, forward looking sound design which remains faithful to classic dub production techniques. Closing with the standout 'M39' Which is a masterful mix of convolution and granular synthesis combined to create a glacier cold soundscape which is spliced with a delayed spoken word passage - immersive and haunting, this is our favourite of his beatless works to date - worth the asking price for this one alone.

Battered by the likes of Pev, Hodge, Lurka and a gang more.