• Asusu - Velez / Rendering

Asusu - Velez / Rendering

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Asusu is one of those musicians that keeps complete quality control over his output, it seems each release is attended to in strict detail before it is allowed to even be brought close to the mastering house...

Pev & Kowton have been patiently waiting for the third livity member to release his newest output for their label -

Word on the road is that it's been a long time coming.
Both sides of the twelve make this record 100% worth the wait.

'Velvez' takes the livity style and confines it only to the most precise of frequencies, ready to burn the floor.
A bare-bone bassline and ice-cold fx roll in a call-and-response with a shifting hi-hat rhythm. Absolute Murder.

The next side of the disc is graced with the presence of 'Rendering', sounding the most 'techno' out of any of the livity output to date, this one is simply put, up there with the finest of the Basic Channel related.

Tough and Solid.

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Asusu - Velez

Asusu - Rendering