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Another wicked slice from the MIDA label out of Tallinn, Estonia - a label we came across on travels (in Eupen though, not Tallin) recently and which we're glad to be aware of now, and which we're also glad to make you aware of, if you weren't already...
Anyway, where were we?
Ah yeah, we wanted to say that this 7" is banging.
Banging, in the 'ambient banging' kind of way though. Although we'd respect someone moshing out to this one of course, equally.
On this disc, Tallinn-based producer Ats, who's also known for collaborating with Porridge Bullet boss Ajukaja, as well as Rezzett, deals with tape-saturated dubwise rhythms and woozy concoctions.

Slack, on the A side, is a perfectly low-slung, stepping, dreamy dub type jam -
well-satisfying, and very more-ish.
On the B, the drum step is swapped out with fuzzy synthlines and counter-melodics, giving us nice memories of that 1991 album on Astro:Dynamics from some time ago, but also just glowing in its own, perfectly dimmed light. Red eye music for late nights, looking out the window and watching the world go by (or just turning a blissfully blind eye to it for a moment at least).

Make sure to check that equally-brilliant Rotrum 7" which we got in from the same label too.

Ats - Slack

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