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Augustus Pablo - East Of The River Nile

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A big classic from the late Augustus Pablo, of Rockers fame, and with a big crew, originally out in 1978, now back in press once more

East Of The River Nile is a purely instrumental roots LP, mixed by King Tubby (and also Lee Perry, on 'Upfull Living') and featuring veteran, all-star players such as The Wailers' Aston 'Family Man' Barrett on bass as well as Carlton Barrett - who sadly got killed by a Gunman outside his home in Kingston 10 years later - on drums.
Also on bass, we have none other than Robbie Shakespeare and Earl 'Bagga' Walker, as well as Clayton Downie.
Earl 'Chinna' Smith is on guitar, and there are also engineering credits for Prince Jammy, Errol Thompson, Sylvan Morris, alongside Tubby and Perry on mixing duties of course.

Of course the star of the show here is the multi-instrumentalist Augustus Pablo though, mainly known for his special style with the Melodica, but also providing extra depth on organ, piano, strings, keyboards, clavinet.
This record goes truly deep into the sound of original JA roots, embedded in Rastafari culture, and perfectly representing the cool & easy, laid back style of roots that the small, but musically mighty Island Jamaica is famed for.

By the time you've reached track three 'Nature Dub' and with it's slow, heavy bassline (sounds like Family Man to us!) with that reverberant half-speed 'Ska' type hi-hat drum, and all the stripped back elements in the mix, from melodica to percussion - you'll be truly in the zone.
Next up it's Lee Perry's time to showcase his skill on the board, with Upfull Living capturing that Upsetter Sound perfectly, filled with intricate echo chamber sonics that you only notice if you listen closely.
The record doesn't let off, with one understated, yet mighty tune after the next.
As we go straight into the recognisable chimes of 'Unfinished Melody' and backing vocal - this one comes on like a cool breeze on a hot day - real nice.

Africa (83) is another big, big tune, and quite possibly in reference, or relation at least, to Hugh Mundell's 'Africa Must Be Free By 1983' album on Augustus Pablo's Message label?
Either way, it perfectly leads up to the walking bass, and stripped drum rhythm of the title track 'East Of The River Nile'.

What a great album... Wholly convincing as a showcase of great musicality, and drenched in a deep, rootical, stripped down, slowed down dub vibe... Pablo at his best, and in great company with the crew of instrument players, and the engineers.
Errol Thompson, Jammy, Lee Perry and of course King Tubby seal the deal with their magic applications to the engineering and mixing of this album.

Chant To King Selassie I
Natural Way
Nature Dub
Upfull Living
Unfinished Melody
Jah Light
Memories Of The Ghetto
Africa (1983)
East Of The River Nile
Sounds From Levi
Chapter 2
Addis A Baba

Upfull Living

Unfinished Melody

East Of The River Nile

Chapter 2