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Augustus Pablo ‎– King Tubby's Meets Rockers Uptown

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One of the all-time greatest dub LP's ever produced, a stone-cold classic from Augustus Pablo alongside King Tubby, recorded at Randy's in 1976 with some of the greatest players out of Jamaica -

Augustus Pablo produced a raw diamond here, along with great players such as Robbie Shakespeare and Aston Barrett on Bass, Vin Gordon on Trombone, Bob Ellis on Trumpet, Dirty Harry on sax, Carlton Barrett on drums... And of course Augustus Pablo on melodica, organ, clavinet & piano.
The rhythms are undoubtedly some of the greatest to ever make it out of Jamaica, with tracks such as the title track 'Keep On Dubbing' with its melancholy, ultra-heavy pace, the crawling, perfectly stoned dubwise of 555 Dub Street, and of course the title track, which was originally a B side dub version to Jacob Miller's 'Baby I Love You So' being just a small selection on offer here - Honestly, there are no fillers here, it's all 100% straight big tune, after big tune.

The tracks are all masterclasses in their own right, but of course the added magic happens with the way these are versioned on the mixing desk, stretched out into dub purity with King Tubby at the top of his game, putting his self-built studio equipment to full musical, and technical use.
With only a 4 track tape machine at hand - incredible really - putting his engineering skills and keen ear for new technology to use, but keeping music and vibe at the top of the list always, he uses those raw hand-made filters spring reverbs and tape delays to the best possible extent, in a unique and pioneering 'dub way' - the amount of inspiration singularity is incredible, and it has no doubt changed the way the world has looked at music production ever since. King Tubby manages to create mixes the feel like they are soaked in vibes, dense and almost over-heavy breaking at the seams, but still full of endless space and depth and detail in each sound, re-imaging the songs with a new kind of patience and a new kind of focus, a focus on the foundation, the drums and the bass, embellished by the music that surrounds it -

This is a 100% essential record, even 50 years on - no matter what genre we're talking about, no two ways about it.

A1 Keep On Dubbing
A2 Stop Them Jah
A3 Young Generation Dub
A4 Each One Dub
A5 555 Dub Street
A6 Braces Tower Dub
B1 King Tubby's Meets Rockers Uptown
B2 Corner Crew Dub
B3 Say So
B4 Skanking Dub
B5 Frozen Dub
B6 Satta

King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown

Each One Dub

555 Dub Street

Say So