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Autumns - DSS Dubplate

Touch Sensitive Records

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Acidic post-punk steppers from our favourite Irish dubwise-experimentin', drum-chuggin, bassline boomin madhead Autumns, served up on a limited edition 10" via Touch Sensitive, following up his wicked 'Dyslexia Sound System' LP (still got a couple copies 'ere!) from a few moons ago

Across three cuts, served on a nice 10" in edition of 200 copies, Autumns commands the sludge & sleaze in his particular, noise-strafed, echo-laden, resonatin', bass-heavy style. Kicking off with the one-drop dub-surf of 'Annoying Fucker' (love the title btw), and into the affirmed stomp of 'Eating On The Ground' - we already got two big tunes on 'ere, well worth your £££, if you ask us.

'Never Lasted' but certainly not least, comes this fiery e-guitar, acid bassline trash-can stepper to top off the hit-box on this fine record. Clanging reverberations and phased hi-hats circulate around the compressed pressure of the drum beat, we get good 'The Warriors' vibes of this one somehow, like a soundtrack for an apocalyptic, riotous world, cars burning, dark skies and the nutters are out.

Get stuck in before you regret not getting stuck in!

Ltd Edition 10" in dubplate sleeve, with sticker and stamp.
Mastered by Rupert Clervaux. Artwork by Rinky.
Nicely done.

Annoying Fucker

Eating On The Ground

Never Lasted