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Avalon Emerson - Shtum 009


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Avalon Emerson goes into full-on attack mode on Shtum009, a 4 tracker that displays startling variety; think melancholy house juxtaposed with industrial broken techno.

Constantly My Cure (Vocal Mix) pairs a smouldering vocal effort with a slow, deliberate rhythm section - executed with effortless skill, proper dance fodder here.

Sword & Rose Forever goes in tough-as-nails - a batsh*t crazy bassline drives the groove forward constantly, unable to sit still, while the slower tempo gives all the elements room to breathe.

The standout track here is unmistakeably Hurdy Gurdy DJ Tool, an industrial, Tessela-reminiscent drum workout with one of the most brutal kicks we've heard in a long time.... Absolutely f*ckin' mental, play this to bring the floor into a full-on frenzy, trust us.

Special mention to the textured sleeve as well - lovely stuff.

Hurdy Gurdy DJ Tool

Sword & Rose Forever

Constantly My Cure (Plan Around Me Dub) Constantly My Cure (Vocal Mix)

Constantly My Cure (Vocal Mix)