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Avon Terror Corps - RWDFWDMIX003


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A first taste of incoming seismic shifts from Bristol's latest anarchic offering - Avon Terror Corps.

"Avon Terror Corps members are numerous and are responsible/partly-responsible for these beacons of the city's experimental scene (+ more):

Schwet, Slack Alice, Bokeh Versions, Burden Imprint, Bad Tracking, Giant Swan, Sound Cupboard, Noods Radio, EP/64, Plaque, Scumdance Collective, Surrey Vaults, Ceramics"

You may have heard rumours that we have a few hundred copies of the first Avon Terror Corps 12" sitting at our HQ for distribution in the coming months too... It's an LP of absolute devastatah's with Kinlaw & Franco Franco at the controls. You've been warned.

Perhaps it's best to prepare by (carefully) loading this third in the RWDFWDMIX instalment into your tape player, for a little glimpse into what kinda thing goes on in ATC worlds?

The A side comes loaded with 45mins of ferocious selections that indulge via cherry picked rhythm, bass & noise excursions - anything from previous decade grime finds, raggo rap, Vex'd style junglist dubstep, 'ardcore and top secret weapons from Miles 'Bokeh Edwards' Opland, who is joined by the pitch-shifting lyrical flexibilities of Noods Radio's hottest export from outta Italy, via Bristol: Franco Franco.
"also with Kelan on vox but we're saving that for another time."

B Side comes in like a slow motion fanfare for the freaks, with medieval splashings going head to head with the kind of bass you would expect to hear in a Carpenter movie, or perhaps distilled out of a Technical Itch cut from the early 2000s, coupled with the cold, improvised french vox out of the echo chamber, via JADE.
Here's the full low-down from Miles @ ATC HQ: "Me n Jade are now called Java Java Wetware - disposable CDJ goth duo and this was the first time we ever got in a room together and hit record, first time her vocals can be heard on a public medium. We close the Avon Is Dead comp with a tune called 'Even Cowgirls Get The Blues' a tribute to the Noods show of the same name, and an edit from this recording. All recorded (not aired) at Noods with additional space echo and kaoss pad + actually some backing vocals from me (also a world first)."

If you want a taste of what Bristol's current underground is about, below the radar of R*d B*ll or The Guardian's attempts of covering the city's musical map, then this is your ticket.

Edition of 60.
C90 cassette, 45min each side.