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2 Sides of afro-centric rhythms from Ayetoro on the excellent Funsho label

- a jazz-tinged ride through organic rhythms and grooves, supported by voices from Accra in Ghana and beyond.

Opener Orunmilla & The Matter of Ori rides a lazy groove supported by hand drums and insistent rhodes chords. A brass section interweaves with the keys setting the scene, real mellow vibes, real nice, setting the scene and getting those aural taste buds in action with finesse.

Langa (Part 1.) wears a jazz heart on its sleeve, with chromatically altered chords against an esoteric brass solo for a real taste of post-modal jazz harmony writing. A harmonica joins the mix, alternating between harmonic support and providing a clear countermelody with the brass. Lovely.

Lalala (For Sonny Lab'ou Tansi) features some gorgeous vocal work, captivating and with a pervading sense of sadness and longing, support is drawn from complex hand drum polyrhythms and an electronic kick drum.

If you need to know more, here's a bit of background about the title, personnel and recording:

"In Yoruba tradition the Irunmole are primordial beings who carry out tasks given to them by Olodumare. They are often represented by pure energy. In modern day they also represent the Orishas and those groups who work silently among humanity. The album has seven tracks composed recorded in Accra and London. Production, Piano playing and directions in music by Funsho Ogundipe. The album art is based on a specially commissioned painting done by the artist Jennifer Ipekel."

Housed in a full artwork outer sleeve.

1. "Orunmila & The Matter Of Ori"
2. "Langa" (part 1)
3. "Lalala (For Sonny Lab'ou Tansi)"
Side 2
1. "Irunmole"
2. "Langa" (part 2)
3. "In The Still Of The Night"
4. "Apala System"

Orunmilla & The Matter of Ori

Langa (Part 1.)

Lalala (For Sonny Lab'ou Tansi)