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Aztec Mystic - Knights Of The Jaguar EP

Underground Resistance

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DJ Ronaldo under his Aztec Mystic alias with a two tracker of tip-top gear, originally released in 1999 and now, thankfully repressed and back in circulation.

The topside, Jaguar, is an absolute cult classic, the definition of original techno, staying true to it's black roots, these tracks contain tons, and tons, and tons of groove, and a whole load of funk. It simply can't be done much better.

Things get a little more moody on the flip with Ascension, a proper bit of loopy business, executed in deadly, utterly danceable style. One to get in the blend with your Counterbalance records, or just to stick on the hi fi and 'feel'.

Super versatile record this one, loads of fun in the mix, and just simply better than most records out there.

Also... This is the kind of thing that belongs on vinyl. There's no better way to play it.