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Azu Tiwaline – Draw Me a Silence Remixes

I.O.T Records

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The excellent Azu Tiwaline debut album 'Draw Me A Silence' gets a wicked, wicked rework treatment from three great minds - Flore, Laksa and Don't DJ -

Berbeka, Izen Zaren & Until The End get re-imagined for this 12", culminating in three tripped out, rhythmically-charged percussive rollers - each one adding different spice, but somehow navigating a similar headspace of depth-charging, soundsystem-ready meditations - each one drenched in bassweight and zoned in to atmospheric horizons.

"On her debut album as Azu Tiwaline, Draw Me A Silence, a record released in two parts with her family at I.O.T., she fused together two halves of her own heritage, inspired by a new home in the desert. Personal history collided with family heritage: half step rhythms from a career in bass music met the warm winds and wide open silence of El Djerid in Tunisia."

... Yep, we dig this remix realisation highly.
From Flore's ominous, thunderous rhythm drift and morphing feedback atmospherics, through to Laksa's steppin' polyrhythmics (great early Horsepower Productions / Muslimgauze vibes here, and we'd also wager this one would be real good in the mix with pretty much any of the tracks on Szare's Polity001 12") through to Don't DJ's 11min hypnotising slow chug growler - the three tracks on this track form a great journey through Azu's sound-world, channelled into new streams of thought, and sounding excellent on wax.

Solid 12" filled with drummmmmm, just how we like it


Berbeka (Flore remix)

Izen Zaren (Laksa remix)

Until The End (Don't DJ remix)