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Azu Tiwaline - Magnetic Service

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The 40th disc on Livity Sound, and quite possibly one of the best yet - Azu Tiwaline at the controls.

A very nice surprise to see Azu Tiwaline land on the Bristol institution that is Livity Sound, for the 40th disc on the ever-fluid, forward thinking label ran by don Peverelist.
All the way from Tunisia, Azu brings her very own twist of precise dubwise technique and the more meditative factors of reductionist techno, fusing the elements with a very welcome tinge of North-West African Berber / Amazigh rhythms and percussive elements, an amalgamation that culminates in a fully hypnotic, entrancing trip that feels like it would be at home on a huge soundsystem in a dimly lit space, as much as it would work played on a hi-fi in a shaded place under the blazing sun, out in the open air.

As we enter, in deep dive mode, the title track 'Magnetic Service', presents a crucial, slow-build dub redaction that lets the processed percussive tones of collaborating partner Cinna Peyghamy guide the track's subsequent motions.
A few weightless minutes in, and we are lead into a totally focused Rhythm & Sound-esque dub-techno step, that evolves with masterful restraint, and a very sharp ear for subtle harmonies, and rhythmic intricacy.
'Terremer' takes the plunge into aquatic zones. Tight, compressed rhythms juxtapose with organic sound design and very-human rhythms, chopped into an arrangement that perfectly uses negative space as a way of creating impact - A subtle, yet powerful way of dealing with sound, and something that the Livity Sound label has always stood for, ever since it's inception.

On the the B side, Cinna Peyghamy returns for another piece of input alongside Awu Tiwaline, for perfect counterbalance. This track lets huge swarms of sub bass form an underbelly for the late-night meditation of minimalist sound design, leaning towards typically 'Berlin' or even 'Bristol' reductionist approaches, but building on this blueprint in Azu's highly organic, international aesthetic.
Devastating subs and pure dread & tension unravel like a dark cloud above the desert, announcing the rain that is yet to come.... And now it's time to dance.

The B2 is the perfect way to end the trip.
Tessiture feels at once tribal and ancient, and mechanised / futuristic.
Hushed voices and shrouded ambience cast long shadows over the broken rhythms and echo chamber percussion... Building, and building, and building, only to let the foundations de-assemble and fall apart - It's a proper cliffhanger, this one. The closing chapter to a highly transportive, we'd even say transcendental, set of time & space travelling sonics - deadly Dj weapons, but equally good for your mind, as a momentary escape from the world as we usually see it, or hear it.

Great record!

Served in sleeve design by Tess Redburn.

Magnetic Service ft. Cinna Peyghamy


Tight Wind ft. Cinna Peyghamy