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Babyford - Monolense


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 Trippy, acidic, breakbeat-indebted, UK style, detroit influenced drum machine tekkers and hardware brain melters from 1994, reissued now and available for a normal price once again. Proper timeless stuff. You might want to consider this one being part of your collection, if it isn't already.

Check this:
"It's over 25 years since Baby Ford decamped to the studio with, alternately, Mark Broom and the late Ian 'Eon' Loveday to re-examine the depths and possibilities of collaborative underground techno. The result, as we now know, was a giant step forward into a new sound, with a new label, Ifach, that would go on to define the blueprint for a more minimal sound it would take others a decade emulate. Monolense, four bittersweet, emotional, stripped bare explorations of techno has long been sought-after, commanding high prices on the secondhand market, and is finally getting a re-release. This is not just a moment in time, but a bookmark in UK techno history."

Essential gear for all techno heads, or just those in search of timeless, quality music.


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